How do I view my Agenda in the Dreamforce mobile app?

In order to view your agenda in the app, you must first be logged in. Follow the below troubleshooting steps to make sure your app is setup to load your agenda. 
  1. Verify you are logged in (go to "More" and make sure your name shows is displayed at the top). If your name is not displayed, follow the steps in the app to log in.
  2. Try refreshing the event data by going to "More" and selecting "Dreamforce 2017" from the list of events. 
  3. Force quit the app.
  4. Re-open the app and go to "Agenda" and wait a few seconds to see if it syncs up.  If that fails try logging out and in again. 
  5. If none of the above steps allows you to successfully view your agenda, try re-installing the app.